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The Spell Works

The Spell Works was conceived in the beautiful desert outside of Las Vegas, Nv. These Wiccan formulas were passed on to me by my Aunt who is a High Priestess. These are formulas that have been passed down in our family for generations. Attuned with the Magickal universe of Wicca, I formulate my products with the purest essentials of nature's wealth. 
I offer only the highest quality of Magickal products. In full consciousness, I focus on only five types of product::   Magickal Incenses, Oils, and Bath Salts, and 28 different Spell Kits, I also have over 60 different Amulets and Talismans. 
I do carry a variety of other occult related necessities for my customers convenience. If you have a special need in the Herb category please don't hesitate to ask me, I don't have them listed for sale per say but if you have a need and I have it on hand I will try and accommodate you or refer you to the person that I buy mine from. 
At The Spell Works, I use only the finest resources of herbs, oils, resins, woods, etc., to harness the maximum energy for your Magickal needs. I have the LARGEST ONLINE SELECTION of Magickal Oils, Incenses and Bath Salts with over 250 of each to choose from. 
In accordance with the harmony and balance of nature, I harm no source of any kind. Each of my products are formulated in correspondence to herbal potential, moon phase, day of week, hour of day and then culminated with the incantation of Magickal intent. 
Wiccan hands carefully stir each one, and they are never machine manufactured. 
They cost a little more than some of the others you can find out there but believe me they are worth it. The aromatic pleasures that my products release in your home is Magickal in itself and you can relax knowing all my products are made from nothing but natural ingredients and are chemical free. (except a pinch of salt peter to help keep the incense burning)
Due to legal reasons I have to add the following statement.
All products sold by me, on my site, through Shopify, Amazon Payments, over the phone, email or by any other means are sold as curio only.