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Coffin Nails.

Coffin Nails.

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Coffin Nails have been used for centuries for both good and bad magick. In ancient times, a Coffin Nail was extracted from an occupied coffin and used in ritual to transfer the deceased person's cause of death to the subject of their spell. A Coffin Nail is said to have more power than any other type of nail or pin in ritual magick. There are many dark practices for Coffin Nails but there are some positive ones as well. The energy of a Coffin Nail is that of destruction, Some of the positive uses for Coffin Nails are how they are instrumental in helping to stop addiction and to end disputes between quarreling neighbors. To help yourself or someone you love to stop smoking cigarettes, inscribe the name of the person on the cigarettes and place a coffin nail through the name, Make sure the nail goes completely through the cigarette. If you want to stop fighting with someone you need to get along with, carry a Coffin Nail in your pocket. To rid evil from your body, bathe in Satan Be Gone Bath Salts along with four coffin nails. In modern times, the Coffin Nail is prepared by soaking the nail in Dead Sea salts by the light of the moon on a waxing Saturday. It is removed in the dark and then soaked in Drive and Bind oil for nine days. On the tenth day, the nail is removed and buried in Graveyard dirt for exactly ten days. When the nail is retrieved from the earth, it is considered cured and ready for use.

  • used for addiction
  • ritual work
  • spell castings
  • used for divination
  • also known to be good luck