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Poppets, RED, Hand-made by Witches in accordance to the color and moon phase.

Poppets, RED, Hand-made by Witches in accordance to the color and moon phase.

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These Poppets are hand-made by Witches in accordance to color and moon phase. There is a slit remaining open in each Poppet for the sorceress to include the final touches to their spell. When all the ingredients have been added, The Poppet is sewed shut with the needle that is provided and then it is ready for ritual work. There are six X's that mark the soul openings of each Poppet. Two eyes, three mouth, and one for the heart. Poppets are dolls made of cloth, representing the human image. Witches use them for casting spells on themselves or others. In ancient times, Poppets were made from other materials including straw, paper, mud and wax, but the cloth Poppet is still the most popular tool when referring to image magick. The colors of the Poppets correspond with these types of spells: White: Purity and Cleansing Energy (Created on Waxing Wednesday) Yellow Healing and Happiness. (Created on Waxing Sunday) Blue: Protection and Peace. (created on full moon) Red: Sex and Courage. (created on Waxing Tuesday) Green: Prosperity and Fertility (created on Waxing Thursday) Purple: Psychic and Abilities and Power (created on Waxing Monday) Gray: Repelling and Retracting. (created on Hare Moon) Black: Destruction pf Something and Secrecy. (created on Waxing Saturday) Poppets are for one time casting and they are not intended to be cast upon for more than one person. For detailed spells involving the use of Poppets, Shop your local occult store for spells and recipes.

  • spell casting
  • ritual work
  • altar supplies
  • use for casting spells on yourself or others
  • Hand Made by The Spell Works.

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