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Tell Me Tarot Card Deck

Tell Me Tarot Card Deck

  • 24.99

The Tell Me Tarot is a simplified set of 78 cards, designed to make it easier for Tarot beginners to use. As it says on the box, all you need to do is "Ask a question; Choose a card; Receive an answer!" The Tell Me Tarot, the creation of Arik Eyal and Nir Cassuto, was originally published in Israel under another name (later changed due to an existing trademark registration). It's now been republished by US Games, with some very minor modifications to the original version, which are mostly limited to editing or clarifying the meanings on the cards.

  • 78 cards
  • black-outlined drawings filled in with flat color.
  • hues very similar to Pamela Colman-Smith's cards.
  • instructions included to get you on your way.

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