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Variety (1 dram vials) pack of my 6 most popular Magickal Oil formulas.

Variety (1 dram vials) pack of my 6 most popular Magickal Oil formulas.

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I create these Oils by hand, adhering strictly to the Wiccan formula. I create these during the correct phase of the moon, day of the week, and hour of the day, as well as adhering to the incantation of intent. This Variety pack comes with six (6) 1 dram bottles. (one of each) Psychic: This is the potion for the psychics. This formula is designed to open third eye and increase all psychic awareness. It is used before divining or spiritual work to vibrationally encounter all truth. Healing. For the most potent remedial brew, this formula will help mend and heal the afflicted. It is an all-purpose healing potion and can be used in spells, rituals, or directly on the person. Banishing: Banishing is used to repel and dismiss. This formula will help you to dispel all negative energies. It works great on all banishing and releasing spells. This is one of the strongest repellent formulas available. House Blessing: This is the most popular formula as it is designed to truly bless a house or home. It eliminates the portals that open to negative energy and cleanses the residual energy. it offers brightness and optimism to the dwelling. Money Drawing: This is not only the most popular money formula but it is also ancient. It is designed to draw cash into wallets. It is direct and effective. Fast Luck: Immediate energy attaches to this formula' It is designed to propel a fast interaction and inception of fortune and luck It compels fast, but temporary good luck.

  • use for rituals or spell castings
  • can be used with incenses
  • can be worn as a perfume
  • wide range of uses in the Wiccan ways.

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